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Eva Liu - Portrait Photographer | Hong Kong & Overseas

It all started when Eva was 10 years old...

Eva started her photographic journey early when she was only 10 years old with her father’s single-lens reflex camera. Having gone through the film era shooting with negatives and slides, Eva built up her strong sense with light and color before entering the digital era in which shooting photos become much easier for laymen.


During her secondary school years Eva started to cover school events which armed her up to become one of the most experienced photographers at her age now.


Among all types of photography Eva enjoys shooting portraits the most as she loves to communicate with people and get hold of the inside beauty of every individual – she believes that every single human being can shine in front of the camera!

Eva Liu the Hong Kong Photographe

Eva Liu 簡介











同年與友人創立ME workshop我創造工作室,



2014年成立Eva Liu Photography,





About Eva

Eva was born & raised in Hong Kong, and graduated from the School of Journalism & Communication,

The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


She had worked as a travel writer for the popular magazine “Eat & Travel Weekly”, an Assistant Director under the Drama Division in TVB and an Assistant Project Manager (Special Projects) in ATV.


In 2009, Eva became a member of the WPPI and AYPA. In the same year Eva founded ME workshop and became its Chief Photographer, specialising in Engagement and Wedding Photography.

Eva was appointed the Instructor on Photography by The Hong Kong Wedding Management Association

in 2010.


In 2014 she started Eva Liu Photography, 

focusing on Portrait Photography. In the same year she held her first Solo Exhibition

in Taipei, Taiwan and participated in two

Charity Joint Photo Exhibitions with international photographers from around the world in Taipei in 2015 and 2016 respectively.

Eva Liu with Aaron Kwok the star
Eva Liu with Raymond Lam the actor
Eva Liu with international photographers at charity exhibition
Eva Liu signing a sold print of her photographic work
Eva Liu wih celebrity friends
Eva Liu Shooting in Lonon
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