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Baby & Kids Photography

Hey there little ones! Welcome to the world! Sit back and relax while Papa and Mama will make sure every step of your life are well recorded – not a tiny bit of preciousness missed!


From bump to babe, Eva the baby & kid magnet is as excited as you in capturing the miraculous adventure. Unlike picking a professional photographer for other types of portraiture, spotting the right newborn baby photographers takes a little bit of trick – you want your photographer to be meticulous enough to handle your baby with ultra care while helping them to pose in ways that shine their cutest glory! As for toddlers and kids photography, you need a photographer who can communicate with them and even more importantly, to be able to get the little rebels settled down for nice shots! Believe her or not, Eva says this is not an acquired skill but an inborn talent coz it all starts with a great passion about little monsters!


It could be a real headache for papas and mamas to think of things to do with kids in Hong Kong – ever thought of giving them a photography session? Spice up their park or beach adventures with professional capture or even surprise the curious kids by taking them to a photo studio! Think about it – some cute and cuddly photos to show off on your Facebook or Instagram plus some decent photos for your kids’ portfolio for primary school interview or secondary school interview – what could be a better activity?

Grandparents holding newborn baby and baby cousin
smiling baby in photo studio

Little Ivana is the only daughter of Carmen and Dickson – the very special clients who had both their engagement photos and wedding party covered by Eva. They even asked Eva to do their family portraits regularly and everyone in their family becomes friends with Eva! During the baby photography session Ivana’s cousin, Ching-ching, joined the fun for some really cute shots in which the two interacted adorably. Eva goes beyond a mere baby photography session by capturing the blissful smiles on the grandparents’ faces too!

newborn baby brother with big eyes
mama holding newborn baby sister
Eva working with little boy and newborn baby

Harry and Phoebe are the one-of-a-kind beautiful brother and sister. Eva did the newborn photography session for Harry the big brother (top left) and three years later Phoebe the little sister (top right). Eva thinks it’s truly amazing to see babies growing up and to juxtaposition the captures of siblings along their growing paths. Eva (image above, holding Harry asking him to help wrapping Phoebe up) knows very well how to get the bigger baby involved in the photo shoot so that he/she won’t feel left out or even make them feel like the point of focus as the little baby does!


Newborn baby portraits, baby photos, kids photography and much more – all packages with the same outstanding photo quality at unbelievably affordable prices – click the link below to see more photos before getting in touch to arrange your very own session!

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