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Maternity Photography

Some call it maternity photography, some call it pregnancy photography – it means the same thing – capturing one of the most joyful and beautiful stages of your life!


Eva understands that it’s extremely important for mamas-to-be to feel relaxed and comfy during the photo shoot so apart from shooting at a professional studio, you can choose to do it at home or even in a hotel room! Imagine having your pregnancy photos done while you comfortably lie on a hotel mattress! After all, posing for photos could be a really exhausting thing to do with your big bump! Alternatively, if you enjoy strolling around naturally for your photo shoot, we can always do that outdoors in a park or at the harbour side. Got bigger little ones anticipating the new bundle of joy with you? No worries! Eva is well experienced in shooting kids and toddlers too!

Best shooting time is 30-35 weeks normally though every mama varies. From 30 weeks onwards bumps are usually visible enough for photos while any shooting scheduled after 35 weeks would be risky for some babies just can’t wait to come out! (Also bigger bumps mean more tired moms, right?) For mamas-to-be expecting twins it would be good to do the shooting during 26-32 weeks.

Maternity Photography by Eva Liu
Maternity Photography by Eva Liu

Celine and Michael were expecting the delivery of their “little lamb” in London while we did the shooting. There would be no better idea to do it along with a leisure stroll in the park with the early summer breeze (it was May). Planning to shoot in Hong Kong? No worries! We have plenty of choices – Tai Po Waterfront Park, Cyberport, Sun Yat Sin Memorial Park or the Peak – just to name a few.

Maternity Photography by Eva Liu

Chloe is a fashion & beauty blogger and was looking for a more glamorous style for her maternity photo shoot. She picked Eva becoz back then Eva specialises in engagement and wedding photos and Chloe got her engagement photos done by Eva. She loves Eva’s chic and fashion-like style of portrait photography and wishes to have her pregnancy photos done the same way. The shooting was done in a hotel room on Hong Kong Island and Chloe wanted to do it alone as she commented that her hubby’s kinda phobic to cameras LOL. We ended up having some really stylish photos for a mama-to-be like no others, and very importantly, the whole session was done in a very comfortable and private environment, which helped Chloe to look more natural too.

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