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Boudoir Photography | Individual & Friends

Boudoir Photography is a category of individual portrait photography, believed to be originated from France, which you could probably guessed from its name. Traditionally boudoir photography features more intimate and even erotic images through a fine art approach. Unlike your engagement photos, boudoir photos are usually purely for your own enjoyment and it does not take any reasons to do it.

boudoir photography hong kong
boudoir studio shooting
Girl Power

Eva believes that boudoir photography nowadays could be more causal with a lower degree of sexual elements.  Every girl loves to be the star and to have some glamorous portraits of her own and Eva understands that it would be even greater when you do it with your sisters (biological and unbiological). In Hong Kong we call group shots like this 閨密照 (literally meaning portraits with BFFs) and some girls do that as part of the bridal shower. Whatever the reason, it is a very beautiful and heart-warming thing to have a portrait session with your BFFs. Memorable shots, sexy or not, will be the best gift a girl can give herself and nothing compares to smiling at the photos with your BFFs decades later.

photo with BFFs
Glamour and Love without Age Boundaries

Portrait photography is the art of capturing one’s inner beauty and Eva finds true beauty in every single individual – any age, any race. It is worth capturing your uniqueness at different stages of your life. We have a lot of clients in their 40s & 50s and they all shine in front of the camera with true confidence. You couldn’t be any luckier to have a bunch of real friends doing silly things and having a fun-filled portrait session with you at any age, right?


You don’t need any reason to pamper yourself – just do it!

stylish photo of good friends
group photos of life long friends
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