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Fine Art Photography

Being a genuinely passionate photographer, apart from shooting for clients, Eva spends a lot of her time on fine art photography too.


In 2014, Eva held her very first Solo Photo Exhibition in the renowned Jazz Photo Gallery in Taipei. Named “The Lonely Wanderer”, the exhibition showcased her works done in 12 countries around the world through which Eva shared her perception and interpretation of life as a traveler.


In 2015, Eva worked with 24 photographers from 11 different countries on a charity exhibition named “Under The Same Sky”. Profit made from the sale of their masterpieces was donated to the children at Saint Anne’s Home. The next year, Eva worked with 18 photographers from 7 different countries again on a charity photo exhibition “The Light of Taiwan” and profit was donated to the Violin School of the Chin Ai Village.


Either you want some photo art to decorate your place or you are a fine art collector, Eva welcomes any purchase of her existing works or custom order request. Below are some of Eva’s works available for patronage in framed fine art prints in various dimensions (click on images to enlarge). Please contact us for prices and any discussion on custom made photographic works.

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