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Family Portrait

Out-of-the-box Family Portraits in Hong Kong

Let’s have some real fun! Thinking to have some nice portraits but getting frustrated by those boring “1-2-3 Cheers!” group shots from Stone Age? Be prepared to be stunned by Eva’s like-no-other family portraits! Just becoz it’s some “family business” or even “family tradition” doing some family portraits doesn’t mean you guys have to sit straight in a family photo studio like doing a collective mugshot.  Eva’s philosophy is “family portrait session = fun-filled family party” and her role is to capture the true bond between you guys. It’s perfectly normal that some of us are just not as photogenic as others so it is actually a perfect way to get camera-shy members of your family to look natural by interacting among yourselves. Eva always has her ways to get the most beautiful smiles on the face of the shyest people – your whole family will be in good hands (and good lens)!

The gang of grandma and grandkids

A dull photo of granny and kids sitting like zombie? No way! Why not some poster-like cool stuffs like this?

A happy family

Of coz we too need some a-little-bit more standard “sit-there” photos but we can have them in a natural way too.

Grannies Rock (Oh Yeah)!!!

Make a wild guess - who’s Eva’s favorite when shooting family portraits? It’s grandma! Turns out grannies are the most playful ones in every session (yes, literally every single session!) and we bet you guys will find yourselves look like a potato compared to granny! Now what? Arrange a family portrait session with granny as the best birthday celebration idea and let her glamour get you all stunned! (And trust us, you will smile with happy tears in your eyes when you see the photos years later) 

Another idea is to do some remakes of the classic family photos in which your grandparents were young, your dad and mom were kids or when you were the baby! This is the ongoing No.1 most hilarious moments we have when shooting family portraits LOL!

A Godfather movie poster lookalike famlily photo

The latest episode of The Godfather - The Grandmother.

Themed Family Portrait Party and More

Some clients enjoy doing their family portraits on a regular basis and we suggest picking a theme for the second session onwards so that everyone will have some new vibes each time. Remember you don’t need to stay on the path of having the same massive group in each and every photo. Eva is more than happy to arrange you and your family members to have some individual shots and some “big & small / mix & match” group shots apart from the big big ones. Get your own personal portraits plus family photos with your dad & mom or your spouse & kids in the same session for your big family portraits with no extra charge – it’s a steal, isn't it?

Four sisters in halloween costumes

Themed Family Portraits, anyone? Halloween Bash, Santa-Claus-Is-Coming-to-Town Party, Chinese New Year Get Together - you name it, or Eva names it when you run out of ideas!

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