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Photography Course Hong Kong and Overseas

Eva is a strong believer in “Qui Docet Discit” (Latin proverb, meaning “he who teaches learns"). Portrait photography is the art of capturing people so interacting with people from all walks of life is a very key thing to do to make you shoot better portraits. Having taught photography classes for all ages and levels, Eva gets surprised all the time by very different insights from different students – sound interesting and exciting, isn’t’ it?

Eva has experiences in teaching students from Hong Kong and Taiwan, from secondary school kids to pensioners. She believes no matter what do you do, where are you from and which stage in your life you are in, learning photography means seeing the world in your own unique way and embrace the true beauty it has to offer. 

Eva Liu demonstrating fo students
Eva Liu teaching a photograhy course

Focusing on how to express one’s feelings through photography, Eva is not a photographer or an instructor who cares too much about the techs. Since photography doesn’t mean just to press a button, Eva strongly believes that what makes a great piece of photo art is the heart behind the viewfinder but not the technical settings a camera has to offer.

In addition to standard classes of different levels, in the near future Eva plans to organize some local photo-shooting tours around Hong Kong’s special and historical spots for foreigners and some overseas shooting tours for Hongkongers too – stay tuned! Meanwhile, Eva also offers customised one-on-one or small group tuitions/workshops. For information, please drop us a line here.

Photo with a group of high school students
during a photography class taught by Eva Liu

*Warning: If you are looking for a very technical-based instructor you are doomed to be disappointed by Eva.

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